April 2016

Daze has been carrying on pretty much as usual, until recently when she started to float about in the hydro pool when she should have been swimming! I popped her to the chiropractor yesterday and it seems her pelvis was crooked, so she has been adjusted in a big way – it really surprised her, and she is vey stiff today. Hopefully with a bit of massage around the hips she will loosen up soon, and be back to her usual self. We’ve to go back in 3 months to check that her pelvis is still in position.

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Daisy has not been right on her walks for a little while – lagging behind and pacing, particularly on hard or stony surfaces – it looked to me as though her feet were hurting her. I took her to the vet and yes – she has arthritis in her toes 😦   She is trying a course of cartrophen injections again, to see if that helps her. If she is still uncomfortable I shall try turmeric before going to long-term anti-inflammatories. Second injection tomorrow.

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April 25 2014 – Chiropractor visit

Daisy had a seizure a couple of weeks ago. No apparent reason  for it – she went to the vet straight afterwards and they did various blood tests which were all OK. Beforehand she’s had a sensitive spot on her back, so just to be on the safe side she went for a checkup with the chiropractor today. Part of her spine was out, and her pelvis was out of alignment so she had a few adjustments done.  On the whole though her back end is looking very good, which is brilliant news!

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Swimming a bit wonky?

Daisy was swimming a bit crooked recently, so we popped her back to the chiropractor, and her pelvis was out. No idea how that happened – probable playing with Beamish our 2 year old doodle!


A few quick manipulations and she was right as rain!

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Been off the Trocoxil

Daisy has been on a rabbit only diet, in an effort to sort out her ear (possible food allergy), and as a result she has lost weight. She had crept up to 30kg, and is now down to her pre-spay weight of 26.4kg – she feels very thin to me, but the vet reckons she is spot on. Since she has been lighter she has also been more lively on her walks, so when she had to have her month off the Trocoxil I thought I’d see how she got on without it. She seemed fine, but having recently had to give her paracetamol for her ear I can tell that she still has some discomfort, so when we go back to the vets this week I shall ask if she can go back on it.

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Another x-ray

Daisy was having another ear flush today, and I asked them to x-ray her hips while she was under the GA. Good news – there is still no signs of arthritis!!!! I guess the fish oil and Flexadin supplements are doing their stuff!

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Four years!

It’s four years now since found out that Daisy has Hip Dysplasia! She is still doing well with minimal disruption to her life.Thankfully she has had no more episodes like that when we found out about it, and with just a few minor adjustments to her lifestyle she is fine. She is beginning to spend more time in her bed, but that is more to do with her maturing than hurting I think, plus of course she has the anti-inflammatory tablets which will be making her more comfortable. Today – like most days – she had 2 walks of an hour each – the first was a plodding walk, but the second involved a few doodle dashes, some jumping on her back legs to pick pine cones and some rough-housing with other dogs, so she deserves a snooze afterwards I think!

Having said all that, Daisy meets up with one of her littermates most days, and it is easy to see the difference between them – although Daisy enjoys herself and loves her walks, she isn’t quite as agile or energetic as her sister.

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