Daisy went to a Mctimony chiropractor today, and had 4 or 5 small adjustments to her spine. She could see that Daze is a bit tense in her shoulders, and that further down her back she isn;t working quite as well. Her exercises can continue, and she has a couple of extra ones now to extend her spine by when standing by putting her nose between her front legs, and then diagogally out and down towards her back feet.

Daze was really good and very cooperative, but at the end she just wanted to lie down.

One more vist in about 3 weeks time.

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1 Response to Chiropractor

  1. Penny says:

    Glad Daisy is going to a McTimoney Chiropractor. I go to one myself and find them excellent. They are so very gentle that you don’t feel what they are doing ! Sorry to hear about the ear again.

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