June 2012

Well the accupuncture wasn’t a great success – she just shook the needles out, so we’ve decided that it isn’t for her.

Daze has been a bit quiet lately – not rushing to greet me when she used to and so on. he’s had vet check – heart OK, blood tests don’t show anything untoward, so we think her hips must be bothering her. After a lot of thought about anti-inflammatories upsetting her tum, we’ve decided to give Trocoxil a go. It is an anti-inflammatory that lasts a month, so if she is going to get an upset tum, it will only be for a couple of days and for the rest of the month she should get the benfits. She’s had the first one, and the next will be after 2 weeks.  I think she’s a bit young to have constant medication though, so am reserving judgement until I see what effect these tablets have.

She is still occasionally holding a front leg up. I examine it – nothing in her pads, she tries again but still can’t put weight on it, I look again, still nothing , then she’s right as rain! It seems to happen most on uneven ground so I wonder if she has a sprained wrist (or the doggy equivalent). I don’t think it’s related to her hips though, whatever it is!

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1 Response to June 2012

  1. Just thought I should add what we think is the explanation of this behaviour. I reckon 2 things are going on here – firstly I noticed she does this when she is in trouble, and I think she is distracting us from her naughtiness, and secondly I tend to say “poor Daisy” when she is hurt, which she interprets as “Paw Daisy!”

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