Another x-ray

Daisy was having another ear flush today, and I asked them to x-ray her hips while she was under the GA. Good news – there is still no signs of arthritis!!!! I guess the fish oil and Flexadin supplements are doing their stuff!

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3 Responses to Another x-ray

  1. Andy says:

    how is daisy doing? Bless her. Seren also suffered with his ears. I had to pluck them between gooming sessions (3 monthly) also regularly clean them with stuff from vets. My groomer gave me an antibac talc that helped plucking no end.
    I always thought it was going to be the hips that got Seren, they clicked so badly from 9 months onwards, but no sign of pain.

  2. Erin says:

    Hello there, I found a picture that you posted on another website which led me to here. I don’t know any other way to contact you so i am doing this.

    I was wondering if I could have permission to post this image of yours

    on a forum I belong to called to illustrate a point about the differences that can happen between littermates in the same litter.

  3. Hi – I replied by email – hope you got it!

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