Trocoxil Update

Well Daze had some blood tests to make sure there was no other reason for her not wanting to get up and about, and all was well, so she’s been having hte Trocoxil for about 5 months now. I discussed my concerns with her having it at such a young age and the vet was able to put my mind at rest. She’s doing OK – not dashing around like a mad thing, but not staying in her bed either. In a couple of months she will have to have a month off and it will be interesting to see if there is a noticable difference.


There is one down side though, apparently if they are taking NSAIDS, then they can’t be given steroids – a slight annoyance when Daisy’s ear problem flared up recently.

She is still going to her hydrotherapy once a fortnight, and I was interested to see the other day that in a flat out run, Daisy  at 6 years old with dodgy hip can outrun both Poppy (5 years old agility doodle – small and light and regularly swims), and Beamish (18 month old large male doodle)!

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June 2012

Well the accupuncture wasn’t a great success – she just shook the needles out, so we’ve decided that it isn’t for her.

Daze has been a bit quiet lately – not rushing to greet me when she used to and so on. he’s had vet check – heart OK, blood tests don’t show anything untoward, so we think her hips must be bothering her. After a lot of thought about anti-inflammatories upsetting her tum, we’ve decided to give Trocoxil a go. It is an anti-inflammatory that lasts a month, so if she is going to get an upset tum, it will only be for a couple of days and for the rest of the month she should get the benfits. She’s had the first one, and the next will be after 2 weeks.  I think she’s a bit young to have constant medication though, so am reserving judgement until I see what effect these tablets have.

She is still occasionally holding a front leg up. I examine it – nothing in her pads, she tries again but still can’t put weight on it, I look again, still nothing , then she’s right as rain! It seems to happen most on uneven ground so I wonder if she has a sprained wrist (or the doggy equivalent). I don’t think it’s related to her hips though, whatever it is!

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Daze has been limping intermittantly on her front legs – sometimes I know it is because I have told her off, and she has learnt that when she limps I get all sympathetic, but other times it is a genuine limp! She’s been to the vets, and we are going to try some accupuncture for pain relief. She is probably letting her front legs take the strain away from her back end, and is beginning to show the results!


She’s had her first session, and we go back next week for another go. It’s hard to tell if it is doing any good though, as she isn’t limping all the time!

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Another year on!

Another year has passed with no bother from the hips!

Daisy went to see the chiropractor again last week just for a checkup – one or two minor adjustments but that was all she needed. There is a lot more muscle now either side of her spine apparently.

So… I think it must be true to say that her regime is suiting her – she does just about everything the other dogs do, has a few extra supplements, uses a ramp for the car, and does no ball chasing. Other than that she is normal!

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Daisy went to a Mctimony chiropractor today, and had 4 or 5 small adjustments to her spine. She could see that Daze is a bit tense in her shoulders, and that further down her back she isn;t working quite as well. Her exercises can continue, and she has a couple of extra ones now to extend her spine by when standing by putting her nose between her front legs, and then diagogally out and down towards her back feet.

Daze was really good and very cooperative, but at the end she just wanted to lie down.

One more vist in about 3 weeks time.

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Daisy’s had a visit from  a T-touch practitioner. It was fascinating. She showed my how her front paws were warmed than her back paws, and looked at her gait as wel las examining her with her hands. As I thought – she is still stiff in her neck and shoulders, and she is not really very aware of her back end. I had instruction on t-touch, and Daisy had a go wearing a wrap to see if it helps. It made her walk with her back paws down properly rather than on tip-toes, so I think I shall use one pretty regularly.

The T-touch practitioner also suggested that Daisy sees a Mctimony chiropractor to see if her back is causing her any discomfort, but I need to OK that with the vet first.

I ave a lot of things to try out with Daisy now – all of which will help her to relax a bit more I hope.

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July 27th 2010

Daisy was at the vets for an ear checkup, and while she was there he thought he’d check out her hips. He manipulated her and said her range of movement was good. He also felt her muscles and said that she has built up quite a bit, so it seems as though the hydro is still doing the trick for Daisy!

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